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After graduating from the conservatory and having a teaching career, Andrey Danilov began to create a training system that would allow people who do not have vocal abilities by nature to learn to sing.  His research into the features and capabilities of the human voice resulted in the creation of a special technique, which he called "Sound Energy". To date, Andrey's students, most of whom could not even dream of a stage before, have won about 30 laureate titles at competitions of various levels.

While teaching vocal, Andrey discovered that a properly tuned voice can radically change a person's life and, on the basis of this knowledge, developed a system of trainings “Way to yourself. Development of Personality by means of voice " At his trainings, people get rid of many psychological problems with the help of their own voice. He outlined the essence of his method of working with the voice in the book “The Energy of Sound. Our Voice Creates a New Reality ”, published in Moscow by the Pero publishing house. On this page there are presentations of the “Energy of sound” singing teaching methodology and the “Path to yourself. Personal development through voice ”, fragments of lessons and trainings by Andrey Danilov.


The method of teaching singing "Energy of sound" and training "Way to yourself. Development of Personality by means of voice".

                                      Book by Andrey Danilov

    "The energy of sound. Our voice creates a new reality.", Ed.  Ridero, 2022.

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Pupils of Andrey Danilov

Dima Starkov - 11 years old, schoolboy. Dima is an example of Andrey Danilov's upbringing of a singer from scratch. Dima started classes  with Andrey Danilov at the age of nine, having no natural vocal abilities. By the time of the end of the classes, he became a laureate of 9 international competitions and the owner of the "national title" - the new Robertino Loretti.

Timur Aldabergen - 23 years old, singer. Timur began his vocal career as a classical baritone. Faced with serious vocal problems, he turned to Andrey Danilov with a request for help. Currently, he is a famous tenor singer in Kazakhstan with phenomenal top notes and the broadest creative range.

Maxim Borisyuk - 17 years old, schoolboy. Maxim was one of the first students of Andrey Danilov, with whom he developed the "Sound Energy" method. Initially, Maxim did not have vocal skills and positioned himself exclusively as a lead guitarist. By the time of the end of the classes, he had a range of 3 octaves and recorded a solo disc as the vocalist of a rock band.

Alexey Goryachev - 28 years old, singer. Alexey is a famous Kazakh singer, founder and vocalist of the Rockfeller band. Due to the high vocal load, he began to lose his voice. After classes with Andrey Danilov, he restored his vocal apparatus and became a participant in the television show "Voice of Kazakhstan", the success of which gave a new impetus to his career.

Natalia Panova - 29 years old, television producer. Natalia has never studied vocals, believing that she has no data for singing, but deep down in her soul dreaming that she can sing at least for herself. She turned to Andrey Danilov with a request to give an opinion on her vocal abilities and, in case of a positive opinion, to record a dedication to her husband. This recording was made after five lessons by Andrey Danilov.

Andrey Kovalev - 29 years old, businessman. Andrey, a well-known entrepreneur, winner of the title "The Best Young Entrepreneur of St. Petersburg" 2014-2015 was a participant of Andrey Danilov's training "Way to yourself. Development of Personality by means of voice". In the process of conducting the training, he experienced several deep insights, the result of which was the writing of a rap song. Andrey Danilov directed the recording of the song resulting from his work as a psychologist and vocal producer.

Training "Way to yourself. Development of Personality by means of voice."  

Training presentation

(In Russian and English)

Fragments of the book by Andrey Danilov "The Psychology of Sound", Moscow, Izd. "Pen", 2015 (In Russian).

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Fragments of the 1st stage of training

1 part

    Part 3

    Part 2

  Part 4

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