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Selected interviews by Andrey Danilov, given by him to print and online publications in different years

Interview with A. Danilov, MediaMetrics radio (Moscow). January 2024.

Interview with A.V. Danilov to Associate Professor of MITU, PhD R.E. Barabanov within the framework of the international project "Practices of a new reality". The interview talks about the risks of information impact on a person and the practices of working with stress. May 2022.

Andrey Danilov's interview for the online community Indigo People, June 2019

                        1 part                                                                              Part 2                                                                                  Part 3

Andrey Danilov's interview for the Shock radio station (St. Petersburg), November 2018.

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Andrey Danilov's interview for the documentary film "12 Curses" by Alexander Nevsky, November 2018.

An article about Andrey Danilov's method on the international Internet portal IMA Wellness, February 2018


Interview to the magazine "Unity in Diversity", December 2015

Interview with Radiotochka online radio, October 2015

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Interview to the New Generation newspaper, June 2015

The magazine "Models & Talent. Personalities-2014."

Interview to KZMZ Internet portal, 2013
Interview to the newspaper "Business & Authority ", September 2012  
Interview to the newspaper "Business & Authority", April 2012
Interview to "Models & Talent Kazakhstan" magazine, July 2011
Interview with "Unity in Diversity" magazine, April 2011

Interview to the magazine "Women East-West", March 2004

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