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 Education and collaboration




A lot of letters come to the e-mail of our site, containing questions about education  from Andrey Danilov, as well as the organization of his trainings, seminars and lectures. Therefore, we decided to create a separate page on which we post information on all forms of cooperation. In addition, we provide additional contacts by which you can quickly contact us and clarify those points that will not be clear to you, as well as contact Andrey Danilov directly.




















ANDREY DANILOV is a singer, teacher and scientist who has developed a unique method of teaching singing "Sound Energy" © and technology "Voice psychophysiological transformation and personality correction" © . PhD of Psychological Sciences, Professor, active member of the International Informatization Academy, Petri Primi academia scentiarum et atrium, Honorary Creative Worker of the Russian Federation, Honorary Member of the Association of Psychologists of Uzbekistan. Thanks to his vocal technique, people who do not have vocal data by nature begin a successful professional career, and participants in trainings and individual consultations solve psychological problems and learn to achieve their goals by tuning their own voices.

The author of 7 books, in which the issues of the influence of a person's voice on all spheres of his life are highlighted in a clear and accessible form, as well as the synthesis of science and art. Lecturer who has spoken in many countries around the world.

The merits of Andrey Danilov as a singer, teacher and scientist were marked with public awards "Honorary Creative Worker" (Russia), "Honorary Member of the Association of Psychologists" (Uzbekistan), as well as diplomas and letters of gratitude from such prominent cultural figures as Pierre Cardin (France), President World Performing Arts Championship Griff O'Neill (USA), President of the International Children's Arts and Sports Festival "Kinotavrik" M.G. Rudinstein (Russia), etc.

On this page you can find information on all types of cooperation with Andrey Danilov.

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