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Andrey Danilov's speeches, during which he talks about the nature of the human voice and its capabilities, can be conducted for a larger number of participants than during the training.


Presentation formats:

  • Master classes for professional vocalists and teachers. The program includes information about the "Energy of Sound" singing training system, the history of vocal art, the technology of developing vocal hearing in a singer.

  • Seminars for psychologists and psychotherapists, where the issues of using the human voice as a tool for unlocking psychological clamps are discussed.

  • Lectures and seminars for people looking for new opportunities for self-development. During his speech in this format, Andrey Danilov talks about the role of the voice in eliminating the consequences of stress, identifying and eliminating psychological blocks, and how, using voice tuning, you can realize your life and creative potential, etc.



The most popular lectures by Andrey Danilov:

Stress as a resource state of the psyche

Raising a Child - Raise Yourself (Lecture-Seminar for Parents)

Secrets of public speaking

Voice and body language as business tools

Streaming state of consciousness (how to consciously manage the creative process)

The influence of working with voice on the state of the human psyche


If you want to become the organizer of Andrey Danilov's performance in your city, we will be happy to hear your proposal!

Our contacts:

+7 (777) 165 98 68, +7 (701) 396 80 05 (WhatsApp, Viber)




Fragment of Andrey Danilov's speech at the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, held in December 2013 in Tashkent.

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