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Andrey Danilov is a singer, actor, teacher, writer, scientist. PhD of Psychology, Professor,active member of the International Informatization Academy, Petri Primi academia scentiarum et atrium, International Academy of Psychological Sciences, Honorary Creative Worker.


Was born on May 21, 1971 in Kazakhstan, in the city of Alekseevka, Tselinograd region. He began performing on stage at the age of 10 - first as a actor , then as a singer. In 1988, after graduating from school, he entered the music school named after. P.I. Tchaikovsky in Alma-Ata, at the same time starting training in the acting profession at the theatrical studio "Galerka". As a dramatic actor, he played several roles in the Benefis theater and starred in two television mono-performances: "About Fedot the Archer, a dashing fellow" (Tselinograd television studio, 1992) and "Seven days of a tired old God ..." (AML TV company, 1994 year). In the second performance, he was not only an actor, but also a scriptwriter and director.


Simultaneously with his studies at a music school and a theater studio, he independently studied philosophy and as a result of this research in 1991 he wrote an essay "My Truth", published in 1995 as a separate book in St. Petersburg by the publishing house "Ecos". In 1994 he wrote the story "How will you come back .. or one day with a superman", in 1998 - the story "The last day of the superman." All three works were published in 2007 by the Moscow publishing house "Artemis" in the form of the collection "History of the Superman".

In 1992 he entered the Kurmangazy Alma-Ata State Conservatory, where his teachers were Honored Artist of Kazakhstan, Associate Professor M. Maksutov and People's Artist of the USSR, Professor E. Serkebaev. After graduating from the conservatory, he studied with a private teacher V. Dmitrienko.

After completing his studies at the conservatory, along with concert activities, he took up pedagogy. Conducting lessons with people who do not have a singing voice and ear for music by nature, Andrey thought about creating a teaching method that would make it possible for every singing lover to succeed on stage. This technique, which he called "Sound Energy", was created and tested in practice, allowing Andrey Danilov's students, many of whom initially had very modest vocal abilities, to win about 30 laureate titles at competitions of various levels. Moreover, with some of these students, he conducted classes on Skype, never meeting with them in person.


The merits of Andrey Danilov as a singer, teacher and scientist were marked with public awards "Honorary Creative Worker" (Russia), "Honorary Member of the Association of Psychologists" (Uzbekistan), as well as diplomas and letters of gratitude from such prominent cultural figures as Pierre Cardin (France), President World Performing Arts Championship Griff O'Neill (USA), President of the International Children's Arts and Sports Festival "Kinotavrik" M.G. Rudinstein (Russia), etc.

Studying the effect of sound on the psyche and physiology of a person, Andrey noticed that a properly tuned voice is capable of producing profound positive changes in a person's psyche, changing his life for the better. On the basis of this knowledge, he created a system of trainings “Way to yourself. Personality development by means of voice " At his trainings, ordinary people who have never sung before learn to consciously influence their lives with the help of their own voice. In January 2016, Andrey Danilov, based on the results he received during the training process, defended his dissertation on the topic "Human voice as a tool for psychological correction of personality and improvement of social communications", receiving a PhD degree - Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology.


Andrey Danilov's scientific career is striking in its swiftness - in January 2016, after many years of theoretical research and three years of training practice, he defended his Ph.D. thesis, and in February he was elected a corresponding member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, and in April 2016 he was elected  in active member of the International Informatization AcademyJanuary 2018, Andrey Danilov recited his doctoral dissertation, outlining the principles of the new scientific direction he founded - "Psychology of Voice Transformation and Personality Correction", in June of this year he was elected anactive member of the Petri Primi academia scentiarum et atrium, and in September anactive member  of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences. In February 2019, Andrey Danilov was awarded the academic title of professor. In March 2023, he was elected academician of the Academy of Medical Technology .


It would not be an exaggeration to say that the books and articles by Andrey Danilov were a sensation both in the scientific world and among the general public, since for the first time the mechanisms of the participation of a person's voice in the emergence of psychological complexes, and a clear, consistent and scientifically grounded scheme was given elimination of such clamps with our voice.

Andrey Danilov described his method of working with voice in the book  “The Energy of Sound. Our voice creates a new reality ”, which was published in early 2014 in Moscow by the publishing house“ Pero ”. The book by Andrey Danilov "The Psychology of Sound", also published in Moscow by the "Pero" publishing house in 2015, tells about the  on the results of the impact of work with voice on the human psyche.The basic principles of his method of voice psychological correction and the scientific direction he founded are set out in the monographs "Human voice as a tool for psychological correction of personality and improvement of social communications" ("Pen" 2016) and "Psychology of voice transformation and personality correction" ("Pen", 2018). At the beginning of 2019, the German publishing house " Lambert Academic Publishing " published a collection of articles "Method of Voice Psychological Correction". In 2021, the Ridero publishing house published the book "The psychophysiological matrix of a person. What controls our life?", in which Andrey Danilov, combining physiological, psychological and social factors, proposes a theory describing a global structure that invisibly affects the quality of life of every person.


Currently, Andrey Danilov conducts extensive scientific, concert, pedagogical and lecturing activities, performs in different countries of the world not only as a singer, but also as a teacher and trainer conducting master classes, he is a permanent member of the jury at many international vocal competitions.


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