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Andrey Danilov is a teacher who has developed a unique method of teaching singing "The Energy of Sound", thanks to which many people who initially did not have vocal data from nature were able to enter the professional stage. Andrey Danilov's students have won more than 30 laureate titles at competitions of various levels. If you live in Almaty, then you can take a personal full-time training course with Andrey Danilov according to his methodology "Sound Energy". The level of natural giftedness, age and profession do not matter - only the desire to learn to sing is important. Andrey Danilov teaches classical, pop and jazz vocals. Adults and children from 10 years old.

Some diplomas and letters of thanks awarded to Andrey Danilov for vocal and teaching activities. You can find a complete list of documents here .

Diploma from Pierre Cardin

Letter of Appreciation from the President of the World Performing Arts Championship Griff O'Neill (USA)


A letter of thanks from the producer and composer

Sheldon Sondheim (USA)

All my life I dreamed of learning to sing, five or six times I began to study with professional teachers, but there was always something missing. Now I'm studying with Andrey Danilov and something tells me that this time everything will work out. It seems to me that Andrey can teach even a deaf-mute to sing, so not all is lost ... Wait for my solo concert!

Slava Nerush is a legend of Kazakhstani show business, founder and owner of the websites and, blogger, journalist, eventter.


Andrey Danilov for a long time refused offers to conduct classes on Skype. He believed that with this method of teaching, it is difficult to control the student's muscles and his vocal development will not be particularly successful. However, when one of the particularly persistent candidates for training begged him to conduct a trial lesson, he saw that this form of training bears fruit, and even has some advantages over the "full-time" form. The concentration of people studying on Skype is very high, and this allows them to achieve excellent results in teaching vocal. It can be argued that this training format has proven to be very effective. It was appreciated by Andrey Danilov's students living in the USA, Switzerland, Turkey, China and Russia.




Maria Tereshina, an aspiring jazz singer from Moscow, talks about Andrey Danilov's Skype lessons

To organize preliminary listening and clarify information, please call:

+7 (777) 165 98 68, +7 (701) 396 80 05 (WhatsApp, Viber)

or by e-mail:


Dima Starkov - 11 years old, schoolboy. Dima is an example of Andrey Danilov's upbringing of a singer from scratch. Dima began classes with Andrey Danilov at the age of nine, having no natural vocal abilities. By the time of the end of the classes, he became a laureate of 9 international competitions and the owner of the "national title" - the new Robertino Loretti.




   Natalia Panova - 29 years old, television producer. Natalia has never studied vocals, believing that she has no data for singing, but deep down in her soul dreaming that she can sing at least for herself. She turned to Andrey Danilov with a request to give an opinion on her vocal abilities and, in case of a positive opinion, to record a dedication to her husband. This recording was made after five lessons by Andrey Danilov.

  Timur Aldabergen - 23 years old, singer. Timur began his vocal career as a classical baritone. Faced with serious vocal problems, he turned to Andrey Danilov with a request for help. Currently, he is a famous tenor singer in Kazakhstan with phenomenal top notes and the broadest creative range.

Alexey Goryachev - 28 years old, singer. Alexey is a famous Kazakh singer, founder and vocalist of the Rockfeller band. Due to the high vocal load, he began to lose his voice. After classes with Andrey Danilov, he restored his vocal apparatus and became a participant in the television show "Voice of Kazakhstan", the success of which gave a new impetus to his career

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