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Experience shows that tuning a person's voice to his individual frequency of sounding leads to profound positive changes in the psyche. Studies of the mechanisms of this influence on all spheres of life led Andrey Danilov to create a special technique - "Voice psychophysiological transformation and personality correction". In short, the ability to consciously and confidently express one's feelings and thoughts, developed under the guidance of an experienced psychologist - the founder of a scientific direction, naturally creates situations and relationships around a person that are best suited to a particular person.

For a clearer understanding of the essence of Andrey Danilov's method, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with his literary works describing the technology of his work.






The technique is successful among professional psychologists, their patients and a wide range of people interested in self-development.

In general, the classes will be beneficial for those who:


  • Wants to understand and accept herself, her feelings

  • Seeks to be heard and understood correctly (in work, personal relationships)

  • Become confident

  • Feel and realize your resources, your strength and magnetism. Be able to use them to fulfill your true desires

  • Develop communication skills, reveal your talents, sexuality, learn to achieve various goals (in learning , business and personal life) easily, relaxed, with pleasure, and much more.




The students of Andrey Danilov tell




























You can get detailed information and discuss the schedule by calling:

+7 (777) 165 98 68, +7 (701) 396 80 05 (WhatsApp, Viber)

or by e-mail:

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