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                Each singer takes a different path to their unique sound and performing style. This page contains books by other authors and recordings of singers, which Andrey Danilov recommends to study for novice vocalists.

All books are written in Russian.


Hazrat Inayat Khan. The mysticism of sound                        

Ivannikov V.F. Stream singing technique   

Lauri-Volpi Giacomo. Vocal parallels

Morozov V.P.The art of resonant singing

Morozov V.P. Secrets of vocal speech

Levik S. Yu. Notes of an opera singer

Le vick S. Yu.A quarter of a century in opera

Chaliapin F.I. Mask and soul

Chaliapin F.I. Pages from my life


Upper C in Faust's aria, performed by 15 of the most famous singers of the 20th century. The closer to our time, the more physical effort when singing this note.

M. Callas and T. Gobbi in the 2nd act of "Tosca". The standard of acting and vocal skills

Cymatics. The clip, shot by Shahir Daud for Nigel Stanford, reproduces the experiments of the physicist Ernst Chladni on shaping bulk materials using sound

In the TV show "OPERA: How art turned into a CIRCUS and show business" on the CHIAROSCURO youtube channel, the reasons for the degradation of the art of classical singing are described in sufficient detail and objectively.

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